A Lawyer Who Listens

You are not just hiring someone to communicate with the other side – you need someone who you can talk to about your problems, concerns, and fears. You want someone who is approachable. Many Lawyers talk over you. I do not. I take time to meet with you, listen to you, and understand your problems.

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A Serious Advocate For Serious Criminal Charges

When you face criminal charges, your future is at stake. The more serious the charges, the more complex your case may be. You need an attorney with the experience and fortitude to vigorously defend your rights throughout the legal process. I am Robert Singer, founder of Singer Legal PLLC. I have nearly 15 years of experience representing clients through criminal, military and regulatory investigations. I have served as a federal prosecutor and defense attorney in dozens of trials and in hundreds of cases. I have the experience necessary to fight for and protect your rights.

A Legal Practice Based On Integrity & Service

My background sets me apart from most attorneys. I am a veteran of the military, and I continue to serve in the reserves. I am a former federal prosecutor. In these roles I learned invaluable legal and investigative skills that I now put to good use for my clients. I understand the importance of integrity and hard work. Many of my clients face the most serious criminal offenses that require the level of dedication and experience I can provide. If your case proceeds to trial or an administrative hearing, you can rely on my extensive trial background.

A Military Veteran Who Understands Others Who Serve

As a military veteran who has served 15 years on active duty and in the reserves, I understand the sacrifices you and your family make to serve a cause greater than yourself. Overseas deployments. Working long hours. Exposure to danger and stress. Most lawyers do not understand these pressures. I do. Most lawyers cannot relate to you, but I can. If you are a military member or first responder, I can help others understand the unique pressures and sacrifices that come with your service.

Honest Answers Using Plain Language

To make informed decisions about what to do, you need to understand your options. You need to know what will happen if you choose to proceed in a certain way. This requires straight talk. I am honest about your probability of success and failure. I explain things to you in a way you can understand. I am not a robot. I am a person who cares about you and your case.

No Nonsense Billing

Spending money on legal fees means not spending money on something else. Unlike a large firm – whose sole objective is to bill as much as possible to your file – I develop a realistic budget for your case. I am willing to work with you on fees. I am open to payment plans. I work hard to keep on time and on budget.

Contact Me To Discuss Your Case

Find out how Singer Legal PLLC can assist you by scheduling an initial consultation. Contact my office by calling 716-222-3288 or reaching out to me online. I serve clients throughout the Buffalo and Cheektowaga area from my office in Williamsville and military clients worldwide.