Appeal CPS’ “Indicated” Finding Of Abuse / Maltreatment With Help From Singer Legal PLLC

Did a teacher, nurse, daycare worker or ex-spouse report you to the New York State Office of Children and Family Services? Has your name wrongly been added to the State Central Registry (SCR)? Singer Legal PLLC is the place to call for help with filing a CPS appeal.

An “Indicated” Finding Can Have Devastating Consequences

If you are a parent or a person who works with children, having your name added to the SCR can ruin your career and your relationship with your children.  SCR findings frequently are used by ex-spouses and others as proof of your unfitness as a parent in custody proceedings.  Courts can use SCR indicated reports as a reason to take away your child from you.  Even worse, if you are a teacher, nurse, social worker, day-care worker or are employed in a field that requires you to interact with children or perform childcare responsibilities, an SCR indicated report can be used by an employer to terminate you for cause.  For all these reasons, you should always challenge an “indicated” report on the SCR.

Call Williamsville, New York’s Premier Child Protective Services Attorney

Attorney Rob Singer has more than a decade of experience and knows the steps to take to file a proper appeal of an “indicated” finding of abuse/maltreatment by CPS. He can help parents as well as teachers and nurses who’ve been accused of not providing adequate supervision. Safeguard your rights with assistance from Singer Legal PLLC.

Speak with a child protective services attorney at Singer Legal PLLC today about filing your CPS appeal. Rob serves clients in Williamsville, New York, and the Buffalo area.

Confused About How To File A CPS Appeal?

If CPS is investigating you and your family, choose a child protective services attorney at Singer Legal PLLC to:

  • Send a written objection to the SCR and OCFS
  • Represent you at a “Fair Hearing” before an OCFS Hearing Officer
  • Fight to get CPS’ ruling overturned

Attorney Singer knows how devastating a CPS investigation can be. He works hard to keep you calm and fully informed throughout the CPS appeal process. Schedule an appointment with Singer Legal PLLC, serving Williamsville, New York, and the Buffalo area, as soon as possible.