DWI/DWAI Defense | Williamsville, Cheektowaga & Buffalo, New York

Making a mistake does not make you a criminal. Yet, nowadays, the consequences of drinking and driving can be severe, affecting your family, career and freedom. From arraignment to trial and before the DMV, I will work hard to protect your rights.

Former DWI Prosecutor

Formulating an effective defense begins with knowing the government’s playbook. As a prosecutor, I represented the government in hundreds of driving while intoxicated cases involving violations, misdemeanors and felonies. I taught law patrolmen and drug recognition experts their tactics, techniques, and procedures. I tried cases before judges and juries. I know where the police cut corners during their investigation, during Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs), during chemical tests of your breath and blood, and on their paperwork. I quickly can identify the weaknesses in the government’s case. My experience as a former prosecutor lends you an advantage from the beginning.

Young, Hungry And Aggressive

Prosecutors and law enforcement officers are relentless in their pursuit of you. If you want to prevail over the government, then you need an attorney who will work harder and faster than the government. Employing innovation, superior research, and compelling, passionate advocacy, I will work harder than the government to secure a favorable outcome in your case.

Skilled Sentencing Mitigation Attorney

Since over 95% of cases get resolved through a plea, many defense victories occur at sentencing. If a plea makes the most sense for you, then you need an attorney who is able to present a convincing sentencing case that proves why you are a person worthy of leniency. My sentencing cases discuss where you grew up, your family background, your education, your work experience, and your support network. My cases demonstrate how you intend to rehabilitate yourself and the skills and support you have to do that successfully. Finally, I prepare you to speak about these things convincingly to the judge.

Representation At DMV Refusal Hearings, Knowledge Of The DMV’s Administrative Penalties

Often, the penalties in your criminal case are far less severe than what the DMV can do to you in an administrative context. If you have multiple DWI/DWAI convictions or other serious driving offenses, a DWI conviction or refusal to submit to a chemical test can lead to the loss of your driving privileges for multiple years. If you have three or more convictions, you can lose your license for life. If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), multiple DWI/DWAI convictions, or you have refused to submit to a chemical test, then you need a skilled lawyer who can defend you against the DMV and give you advice regarding how a refusal or plea will affect your driving privileges. I will work hard to get you back behind the wheel as soon as possible.