Build Your Defense After A Gun Charge

The criminal possession of a gun can carry serious penalties. Additionally, having a firearm present during a crime worsens the charges for situations like robbery, assault or drug possession/distribution.  Singer Legal PLLC can represent you if you’re facing firearm charges in Williamsville, New York. Rob Singer has represented clients involved in these situations for years.

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Call 716-222-3288 now to schedule an appointment with Rob Singer. What is criminal possession of a weapon?

Criminal possession of a firearm is a common gun charge. There are many different instances that can fall into this category, including:

  • Carrying a firearm onto a school campus (Penal Law 265.01-a and 265.06) or possessing a “loaded firearm” (Penal Law 265.03)
  • Carrying a firearm if convicted of a felony, such as when you are subject to an Order of Protection (OOP), restricted from possession due to a NY SAFE Act order pertaining to a mental illness, or are unlicensed to carry a concealed weapon (Penal Law 265.01-b)
  • Possessing a firearm when deemed uncertified to do so (Penal Law 265.01 & 265.02 and 18 USC 922(g)(1)) or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence (18 USC 922(g)(9), the “Lautenberg Amendment”)
  • Possessing a firearm in furtherance of a narcotics trafficking offense or during or in relation to a crime of violence (18 USC 924(c))

An attorney can help you understand the scope of the charges you’re facing and determine a way to move forward with your situation. Contact a defense attorney now if you have any questions about gun charges or firearm charges.